Monday, March 30, 2009

A return?

Hey everybody. What is new? Well beside the year, month and president. Ok, so a lot has changed. So what has good ol Dangeresque been up to? Well. to sum it up . . . a lot! I went to Florida for a three week vacation/work trip for one. And I loved every second of it. Especially the part where it was 80 there and -80 here. Regardless, as much as I loved it I don't think I could move there. too many angry drivers. And oddly enough, I experienced quite a few big chills down there. I've always thought Minnesota cuties were cold. But Florida girls have them beat. I'd betchya they were colder than the weather here. Ooofda yeah, eh? Again, I digress because Florida isn'tjust about the hunnies. It's about the weather and ocean (which was surprisingly saltier than previously thought). I am gainfully employed through Range Center for those who don't know. The company was kind enough to let me go on the vacation Paid. It was awesome. But anyway, I have fairly busy with work and with life. I've noticed people haven't been commenting/blogging/living except the Col. But anyway, I don't want to leave everyone here reading forever so I shall end with a picture taken in Florida saying what it was all about. The girls. The sun.

The delicious, non-healthy food.

The ocean. The sun. The weather!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Death to Interviews

Why do job interviews have to be so stressing? Or better yet, why do they ask questions that make you think? I am not a good thinker. I hope God makes me more eloquent in my future job interviews. No mumbling or bumbling. I wish I could just use my blog as the standard for my proficiency in English. Granted, I am no Aaron Reini, but I am also no typical hill-billy. I just suck under pressure. Well, I rambled on. Can y'all pray for me to get the big job I'm in the hiring process for? I need it. Thanks!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


My blog is boiling now. It's finally reached 212. That's about the only hot thing in my life. And it's not even a heat source. I was going to post a video clip from my phone as this post, but I figured I'd allow the illusion of me being Nixon continue. Plus, it's hard to look presentable on a video phone. It adds 10 lbs . . . I don't need anymore weight. Well, anyway, I am still unemployed. I need a job. By any chance does anyone have one for me? If you do,please, give me a call. I recently found some tunes from my L.A. Symphony boys. I love them. They are one of a few joys I have in life. The others being: my ninja skills, secretly saving the world as a 3rd Echelon agent, and breathing. I am getting tired of the Diabetes nowadays though. I won't lie. The games it plays with my mind are frustrating. I sincerely wish it would leave my body. It makes me feel like I don't fit in anywhere or with most people my age. Plus, I have a feeling that it could potentially affect my hire-able status if an employer found out. Please, I am going to ask you, my readers, this in all seriousness: pray for me. Pray for a healing in my body or mind or anything. I think i need a dose of God like I've never received before. That's about it. Have a good day. Thanks for putting up with my belly-aching.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hey peeps. How's life. I hope it's going better than life if you're a Packer fan. Oh yeah, that was from March until last week. Forget I mentioned it. So, I figured I'd fill y'all in on what's shakin' in my life. The new glucose-ometer is working fine. My fingers are very, very, very happy right now. i can actually see my fingerprints on the tip now; not callouses. Anyway, I also am trying out a new deodorant. Honestly, it's nice. It smells lovely. Wait, that's not a masculine word. It smells like alright, you know for having a scent. Personally, I'd prefer something closer to a forest, but you know . . . (That should work as a cover). Anyway, as you can tell, there is not a whole lot happening in this man's life. Although, I can say that a certain someone who writes under a certain pen-name is turning 25 later this week. Like Thursday. (coughmecough). Man, I think I must have caught something suddenly. (coughit'smecough) So, that's life in a nutshell. Have a great week. (coughdon'tforgettowishmeHappyBirthdaycoughcough). Oh my! It's getting worse.